BALIN Prémium


Our pure East African herd consists of approximately 150 cows of 30" plus, distributed over two separate farms: Meletse in the Waterberg and Langfontein in the Kamdeboo. Some of the animals that were bred on these farms include 48" Roepman, 47.5" Langfontein, Little Jack and Jack. Our current breeding bul is Rooiberg, a direct descendant of the 40" cow Africa and Mutonga [from the 53" bull Tyson]. The buffalo breeding project is in partnership with Thinus van den Berg [Langfontein] and Con Folkes [Glen Harry].


We have roan herds on both our Kalahari and the Kamdeboo farm. We actively breed with the direct descendants of the 34" bull Majestic, as well as cows coming from Tswalu.


Our Metetsi herd carries the genetics of our prime 51" breeding bull Remington. We also actively use his direct descendants in our ongoing breeding programs.


We have assembled our oryx herd from 9 different parts of South Africa and Namibia. The herd consists of more than 200 cows at 40". We also own a share in the bull Vmax [45"], and will use his sons in our breeding project.


We currently own the biggest closed herd of Damara Springbuck in South Africa. Our animals were imported directly from Damaraland. Most of the 80 ewes in the herd are in excess of 13".


As part of the Greater Kudu Club we have access to the gene pool of the following three bulls: Hercules [the most expensive bull ever sold on auction and nr 3 SCI ranking], Apollo [nr 1 SCI ranking], and Mr Universe.


With our blue wildebeest breeding program we use the sons of the 34" blue wildebeest bull Victor, as well as our own 33.5" bull from the northern Limpopo area to breed with 22" cows descending from bulls, all in excess of 32".


Our breeding herd consists of the descendants of our 35" bull, all bred to a non-related 35.5" bull.


Our Impala ram Phala (27.5") is breeding with selected ewes to produce the highest quality offspring for our herds.


Our Nyala herds are mostly offspring from the well-known Mr Wide, bred to 30" plus bulls.